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If you intend to modify the coating agent, please inform us of the following information to the extent possible. This information will be used as reference information for selecting the product to be proposed.

1) Please check the silicone usage being considered from among the four below. (Multiple selections possible) Entry example
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1 Silicone based Resins
= Used as the resin itself
2 Resin Hybridization Agents
= Used to improve other resins and impart them with the properties of silicones
3 Surface Modifiers for Coatings
= Used as additives to improve the surface conditions of coatings
4 Surface Modifiers for Pigments & Fillers
= Used to modify the surface of fillers to improve coating performance

2) What are the necessary characteristics and specific indicators?

Improvement of weather resistance, etc.

3) What are the curing conditions?

Thermal curing, UV/EB curing, etc.

4) What is the type of solvent?

Petroleum, water, solvent-free, etc.

5) What is the type of resin?

Acrylic, epoxy, etc.

6) What is the application?

Paints, inks, adhesives, films, etc.

7) What areas do you use for Question 6?

Paint for building materials,
films for displays, etc.

8) Comments

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