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Shin-Etsu Chemical develops low-staining type construction-use silicone sealant

With this new sealant, grime around joint areas is greatly reduced

Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Tokyo, President Chihiro Kanagawa) has developed and begun sales of Sealant Master 300LS, a low-staining type construction-use silicone sealant.

Compared to conventional sealants, Sealant Master 300LS greatly reduces grime around joint areas and can be used around glass, such as glass curtain walls and top lights.

With the conventional types of sealants, after the construction application is completed, grime emerges around the joint areas due to uncured silicone fluid seeping out of the joint areas and collecting dirt and dust (see attached photos). Making use of Shin-Etsu's unique technologies, this newly developed sealant product has been designed to eliminate uncured silicone fluid to the maximum extent possible, and Shin-Etsu has succeeded in developing a product that has both the characteristics of being a low-staining type and construction-use sealant.

In addition to the above characteristics, this product also has the following additional superior characteristics:

  1. Because Sealant Master 300LS is a one-component type sealant, it is easy to handle and has a clean finish. It also makes construction management easier.
  2. Because it is a medium-modulus type, Sealant Master 300LS is also appropriate for applications in joints where movement occurs, such as glass curtain walls.
  3. Because it is superior in self-adhesiveness, Sealant Master 300LS exhibits excellent adhesiveness not only to glass and metals, but also to such hard-to-bond-type adherends as acrylic electrodeposition coatings and fluoropolymer coatings.
  4. Because this Shin-Etsu silicone sealant has such superior characteristics as being highly weather resistant, heat-resistant and cold resistant, they are highly reliable long-term adhesives.

Shin-Etsu will continue to pursue the development of its cutting edge technologies and the development of products to meet the needs of a market that is becoming highly sophisticated.

Silicone is a highly functional material that has both organic and inorganic characteristics. They are used as products that can provide high-added value in a wide range of industrial fields such as the electrical, electronics, automotive, construction, cosmetics, and chemical industries.

Reference material

Comparison with conventional products

(Left) Conventional product
(Right) Sealant Master 300LS

Testing content: Outdoor exposure test
· Adherend: White glass panel
· Exposure period: After 15 months

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