2007 News Back Number

News Back Number

Dec. 2007
Shin-Etsu Chemical develops rapid cure silicone rubber
Dec. 2007
Notification about the adoption of 2D Code Identification
Oct. 2007
Shin-Etsu announces price increase for silicone products
Sep. 2007
Shin-Etsu Chemical develops various silicone die-bond materials for LEDs
July 2007
An alkali-resistant, self-emulsifying-type silicone defoaming agent
June 2007
Notice of changes in containers
Mar. 2007
We are pleased to announce the opening of a new branch in Guangzhou, China
Jan. 2007
A thermally conductive silicone rubber sheet with super-low hardness
Jan. 2007
New art that delivers an exciting visual and tactile experience
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