2009 News

Heavy glass and an elegant design.
A photo stand created by harnessing the properties of silicone.

Bonded using elastic silicone rubber, the plates of this photo stand are easy to spread when inserting and removing photos. Its form represents the marriage of a designer's imagination and a craftsman's skill. The stand tilts at a natural angle, and features a simple yet bold design that shows off the beauty of glass to the fullest. The heavy glass and elegant design convey an air of luxury, and make a good photo look even better.

Each photo stand is made painstakingly by hand, and features an attention to detail that only an experienced craftsman can deliver. Silicone is used to bond and seal the joining points between the glass plates and between the glass and leg; and it has been carefully selected for its rubber elasticity and high transparency.

Deluxe photo stand
Circled area: spot where highly transparent silicone sealant is used
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