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Notification regarding changes to containers

This notice to inform customers of changes made to certain silicone product containers.
The details appear below.

Items changed

Bottle caps of small-mouth brown bottles (25g, 50g, 100g, 200g, 250g, 450g, 600g, 1,000g), and 250g plastic bottles. These containers are used for primers, curing agents and silylating agents.


  1. 25g bottles have been phased out in favor of new 30g bottles.
  2. The dimensions (size) of the 50g bottle have changed.
  3. The older cap seals have been phased out in favor of caps that feature a ratchet-lock seal.
    Opening the bottle leaves a clear indication that the seal has been broken.
Cap/Size 25g 50g 100g 200g 250g,
250g plastic
450g 600g 1,000g
Old type Cap 25g size only 50g size only 100g size only Shared for sizes 200g and larger
Cap seal 25g size only 50g size only 100g size only Shared for sizes 200g and larger
New type Cap Shared cap for
30g & 50g sizes
Shared for sizes 100g and larger
Cap seal None
Remarks (changes) Bottle sizes: 25g bottle phased out; switch made to 30g bottle. Cap and bottle size changed. All bottles 200g and larger have the same mouth size and share a single cap type. Cap changed only.

Purpose of changes

Compared to the older caps, the new caps are easier to open initially and provide a better airtight seal.

Images of changes

(1) Cap changes

Before change
Before change

After change
After change
*The cap shown above is for bottles of 100g and larger.
The cap for 30g and 50g bottles is shown below.

(2) Resize of the 50g bottle

Before change
Before change
Bottle size: Dia., about 37mm; H, about 90mm

After change
After change
Bottle size: Dia, about 42mm; H, about 87mm

From the left in the front row: bottles of 25g, 50g, 100g, 200g and 250g
From the left in the back row: 250g plastic bottle, bottles of 450g, 600g and 1,000g.

Time of delivery

The new bottles will be used for products manufactured beginning in October 2010.
*The actual date may change slightly depending on the inventory situation regarding the containers.

For any inquiries:
If you have any questions about this change or would like additional information, please contact us at one of the contact addresses listed on the following page.
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