2011 News

A young artist breaks onto the world scene,
with works incorporating silicone.

Title: trace
(2010, silicone and embroidery thread)

Matsumoto Ai is a contemporary textile artist who makes use of a variety of materials to create her highly textured pieces and installations. She has been invited to show her work at an exhibition in Birmingham, England, which will run from this fall into next year. The pieces will be large, highly textured creations which feature castings of lace handkerchiefs in silicone. According to Ms. Matsumoto, “With silicone, the casting faithfully replicates the lace, and the surface of the casting is very beautiful and delicate.”
Matsumoto Ai is buoyant with excitement as she works on pieces for her first international exhibition.


Matsumoto Ai
Born 1985 in Kyoto Prefecture.
Graduated with a degree in textile design from Kyoto Seika University Faculty of Art.

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