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6th PLASTIC JAPAN - Highly-functional Plastic Expo -

Exhibition Outline

Dates April 5 (Wed.) - 7 (Fri.), 2017
Venue Tokyo Big Sight, Japan
URL http://www.plas.jp/en/


Exhibit Profile

Shin-Etsu Silicone Products Gude  6th PLASTIC JAPAN - Highly-functional Plastic Expo -
Silicones to Highly Functionalize Resins

  • Silicone Powders
  • Modified Silicone Fluids
  • Silicone Master Pellets
  • Silicones for Acrylic Resin Modification
  • Silicones for Epoxy Resin Modification
  • Silicones for Resin Modification
  • Silicone Rubber for LIMS with Transparency KE-2061 Series
  • Vibration Control Silicone Rubber KE-501EM-U / KE-5550-U Series
  • UV Cure Polyimide Silicone Adhesives
  • UV Cure Silicone Rubbers for Optical Bonding KER-4530 / KER-4530-F / KER-4531 / KER-4532
  • UV Cure Silicone Products

Application samples
of UV cure polyimide silicone adhesives

Left : Molding examples
Right : Cured samples of KER-4690-A/B

An application example of optical bonding


Left triangular bottles : Silicone powders, Silicone master pellets
Center bottles : Modified silicone fluids
Right : Silicone modified urethane synthetic leathers

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