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«Exhibition Report» neo functional material 2024

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Dates Jan. 31(Wed.) – Feb. 2(Fri.), 2024
Venue Tokyo Big Sight East Hall, Japan

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Silicone Based Resins:
<Silicone Fluid Products>
  • Ultra High Heat Resistant Silicone Fluid X-25-3004
  • High Refractive Index Silicone Fluid X-25-3003B
<Silicone Release Coatings / Pressure Sensitive Adhesives>
  • Solventless Silicone Release Coatings for Plastic Films
  • Emulsion-Type Silicone Release Coatings for Plastic Films
  • Ultra-Easy Release Silicone Release Coatings for Plastic Films (Solvent Type)
  • High Concentration, Solvent-Free Silicone Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
<Silicone Resins & Oligomers Products>
  • High Hardness, Water Repellency, Anti-fouling Coating Agents
  • Photo-Curing Hard Coating Agent X-48-5030 / X-48-5031
  • Room Temperature Cure Water Repellent Silicone X-48-2316
  • Cationic Silicone Film-Forming Emulsion X-52-8500A / X-52-8499D / KM-9804
  • Silicone Resin Emulsion X-52-8432
Resin Hybridization Agents:
<Silicone Resins & Oligomers Products>
  • Silicone-Based Flame Retardants for Polycarbonate KR-2710 / KR-481 / KR-480
  • Organofunctional Cyclic Siloxane Materials
  • Water Repellent, Stain Resistant, High Weather Resistant Hydroxyl Group-Containing Silicone Oligomer X-48-1903 / X-48-1904 Series
Surface Modifiers for Coatings:
  • Silicone Powder
Surface Modifiers for Pigments & Fillers:
  • Highly Reactive Surface Modifier X-88-398

<Silicone Fluid Products>
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Silicone Division
Phone +81-3-6812-2406

<Other Products>
Sales and Marketing
Department II
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