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Jan. 2017
Posted new PDFs "Silicone Adhesive for Precision Application", "Low-modulus Polyimide Silicone Coating Agent", "Silicone Gel for Electrode Protection" and "Fluorosilicone Gel for Electrode Protection"
Dec. 2016
We will exhibit at India Rubber Expo 2017
Nov. 2016
Posted new PDFs "Highly Functional Silicone Rubber Products Guide" and "High Hardness Thermally Conductive Insulation Silicone Rubber (TC-TA Series)"
Oct. 2016
Shin-Etsu Chemical to proactively expand its silicones business
Total of new investments in its silicones business since 2015 comes to about ¥50 billion
Sep. 2016
Shin-Etsu Silicone Korea takes Gold at ICQCC

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Silicones to Highly Functionalize Plastics
Silicones to Highly Functionalize Plastics
With a variety of product lineups, Shin-Etsu Silicone contributes to producing highly functional plastics.
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