2011 News

Helping to relieve stiff shoulders.
Shoulder massagers with silicone heads.

pon-pon massager mini
Available in blue or pink.

Long hours at the computer and other daily activities leave many people with sore, stiff shoulders. But here comes the “pon-pon massager mini” to the rescue.
The pon-pon massager mini features a coil spring in the shaft, which is attached to a round head made of silicone rubber. From the center of the head protrudes a round nub, to stimulate the acupoint with pinpoint precision.
Compared to conventional products, the pon-pon massager mini requires less strength to use, and is smaller and more stylish. It fits easily in a bag so you can take it with you.

Silicone rubber is soft, safe and heat resistant, which makes it a good material even for massager parts.

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