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Soft spoons with silicone tips, ideal for the delicate skin of babies and the elderly.
Soft spoons

A variety of models are available for different uses. The silicone spoons pictured here feature bowls made of silicone, making them gentle on the mouth. They are ideal for sensitive users, such as babies or the elderly. Four bowl shapes are available (narrow, egg, flat, round), for a variety of uses. And the spoons can be sterilized by boiling, so they are safe and hygienic.
Not only is silicone heat resistant and highly safe, it can be washed in water and is soft enough not to scratch cookware. These are a few of the features that make silicone a great material for kitchen goods and other household items. (Published Jan. 2013)

Safety is Key.
Introducing a floor lamp that provides indirect LED lighting and features a lampshade made of silicone rubber.

Indirect lighting can fill an area with soft light and help create a stylish mood in any room. Consumers today have an array of designs and lamp types to choose from.
The LED Silicone Floor Light (photo) provides floor level indirect lighting and features a lampshade made of silicone rubber. The fact that it's rubber means that, even if the lamp is accidentally kicked, it will not cause injuries or shatter. And the excellent heat resistance of silicone rubber is another plus when it comes to safety.
Silicone is heat resistant, durable, safe, and has many other features. It's little wonder that silicone is widely used as a material for products used in the kitchen and throughout the home. (Published Oct. 2011)

Reusable, eco-friendly items
These silicone rubber cups and tumblers collapse into a compact form, ready for use on the go.
ECOP (left) and the tumbler-type ECO+PON
ECOP (left) and the tumbler-type ECO+PON

When you're participating in sports or leisure activities or you're just on the go, cups and tumblers come in handy in a variety of situations. In recent years, cups and tumblers made of silicone rubber are growing increasingly popular because they can be collapsed to take up less space.
The ECOP (on left in photo) and the ECO+PON, a tumbler which features a sipping spout, are made of soft and durable silicone rubber. This means the ECOP and ECO+PON can be collapsed with little effort and can be used over and over. They are available in six colors which include pink, blue and yellow.
Silicone is highly safe and heat resistant, but that's not all. It can be cleaned with water to keep it hygienic. It is also soft enough not to scratch other items around the kitchen or elsewhere. It's no wonder then that silicone is used to make a wide variety of items for use in the kitchen and other facets of daily life. (Published Jul. 2011)

When smartphones get dropped,
silicone absorbs the blow to help prevent damage.

Solid protective case for smartphones

The popularity of smartphones keeps going up and up. But all too often, a fall can damage the touchscreen. This is where the Solid protective case for smartphones comes in (photo). Made of aluminum, the Solid is designed to cover the smartphone. A special, soft silicone rubber compound is glued to the inside of the frame, so both the frame and silicone absorb the impact of a fall.
Silicone rubber is a soft material with excellent weatherability and durability, and as such it is used in a wide array of applications as a shock absorbing or cushioning material. (Published Apr. 2011)

Special silicone rubber glued to the back panel of the case

Special silicone rubber glued to
the back panel of the case

Special silicone rubber

Special silicone rubber

Helping to relieve stiff shoulders.
Shoulder massagers with silicone heads.
pon-pon massager mini

Available in blue or pink.

Long hours at the computer and other daily activities leave many people with sore, stiff shoulders. But here comes the “pon-pon massager mini” to the rescue.
The pon-pon massager mini features a coil spring in the shaft, which is attached to a round head made of silicone rubber. From the center of the head protrudes a round nub, to stimulate the acupoint with pinpoint precision.
Compared to conventional products, the pon-pon massager mini requires less strength to use, and is smaller and more stylish. It fits easily in a bag so you can take it with you.
Silicone rubber is soft, safe and heat resistant, which makes it a good material even for massager parts. (Published Apr. 2011)

Reusable silicone side-dish cups, for a more colorful bento.

Side-dish cups are a useful item for people who make home-packed bento meals. Colorful, reusable cups made of silicone have become quite popular in the last few years (photo).
Silicone is highly safe and heat resistant, plus it is hygienic and can be washed with water. It is also soft and won't scratch cookware. These are a few of the reasons why silicone is used as a material for making a myriad of kitchen goods, including pot holders, hot pads, spatulas, drop-lids and steamers. (Published Jan. 2011)

Outstanding design plus an array of functions.
Silicone is pushing the evolution of writing tools.

Writing tools are essential in the business world and in daily living. In everything from ballpoint and fountain pens to mechanical pencils, writing tools incorporate a rich variety of technologies and materials. For example, silicone is used in the grip section to make the tool 1) easy to grip, to fit better in the hand, and 2) soft, making it pleasant to touch.
With their range of useful features, silicone materials play an important role in the creation of higher performance and more functional stationery goods. (Published Apr. 2010)

A stylish item for desk work - finger grips made of see-thru colored silicone rubber.

In the office, finger grips come in handy when flipping though pages of invoices and documents, or when doing page counts. Finger grips made of silicone have recently hit the market, and this simple tool has evolved into a stylish item for desk work.
Silicone rubber is soft and elastic, ensuring a good fit on the finger, and it has no unpleasant rubber smell like that typical of conventional finger cots. And since they can be attractively colored, silicone finger grips can add a bit of style to your work.
With its many useful properties, silicone is used for a variety of stationery products and plays an important role at the office. (Published Jul. 2009)

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