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Defoaming agents

Silicone defoaming agents are available in oil, solution, powder, and emulsion types. They all have a high defoaming effect when added in small amounts to all types of foaming liquids.


Defoaming effect

Due to their lower surface tension, silicone defoaming agents have greater defoaming action than organic defoaming agents.


Silicone defoaming agents are highly safe, especially those for food applications, which meet the standards for food additives laid out in Japan's Food Sanitation Law.

Heat resistance and chemical resistance

Silicone defoaming agents have good resistance to heat and chemicals, so they are effective with all types of foams and can be used in conditions in which organic defoaming agents cannot.

Foam-inhibiting effect

Silicone defoaming agents have longer-lasting effects than other defoaming agents, and are also effective in preventing foaming from occurring.

Chemical stability

They are chemically inactive, so they are extremely stable and do not attack or react with other substances.

Typical Products

Category Applications Grade Features
Fluid type Chemical industry,
petroleum industry,
fermentation industry,
paints, coatings, inks and the printing industry,
pulp and paper industry,
wastewater treatment,
textile industry
KF-96 Silicone fluid
FA-630 Fluorosilicone fluid
KF-6701 Excellent internal addition stability for organic resins
KS-7708 Excellent internal addition stability for organic resins
Oil compound type KS-66 Excellent defoaming properties
KS-69 Excellent defoaming properties
X-50-1105G Excellent dispersibility with water based forming liquid
Solvent type KS-602A For oils
FA-600 Fluorosilicone-based
Powder type X-50-1083C High alkali resistance
X-50-1083E General use
Solid type AWA CATCHER® For draining, general industrial use, effective life is 14 to 21 days under water at nomal temperature.
X-50-1110G For draining, general industrial use, effective life is 5 to 7 days under water at 40 to 50°C.
KM-601S For draining, general industrial use
Self-emulsifying type KS-530 General use
KS-531 Excellent internal addition stability
KS-537 Easy to use, excellent internal addition stability
KS-538 Long lasting defoaming property
KS-540 High alkali resistance
Emulsion type KM-73 For draining, general use
KM-73A For draining, general use, alkali resistance
KM-73E For draining, general use, alkali resistance, defoaming
KM-70 For fermentation process (Not food additives)
KM-71 Excellent internal addition stability
KM-75 Excellent internal addition stability
KM-7750 Stable when diluted, defoaming property, excellent internal addition stability
KM-85 For ink and paints (paintable)
KM-89 Heat resistance, alkali resitance
KM-90 For dyeing processes
KM-98 For dyeing processes
KM-7752 Concentrated, excellent internal addition stability
Food processing industry KM-72GS For food processing industry (food additives), preservatives contained, Halal certification
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