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Pressure sensitive adhesives

Silicone adhesives have excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, dielectric properties and removability, and of fer good adhesion (pressure-sensitive) to a wide array of substrates. They make ideal adhesives for tapes, protective films and other applications where reliability is key.


Typical Products

Applications Grade Features
For adhesive
KR-100 High tack, strong adhesion
KR-101-10 High holding power, high heat resistance
KR-130 High tack, reduced low-molecular-weight siloxane
KR-3700 Strong adhesion, easy release from fluoro silicone release liner
KR-3701 High tack, suitable for splicing tape
X-40-3237 Medium adhesion, good adhesion when heated
X-40-3240 Medium adhesion, little or no residue left on substrate after heating, High heat resistance
X-40-3291-1 Adhesive for use on silicone rubber, High adhesion to silicone rubber
For protective films KR-3704 Low adhesion, adhesion can be controlled when used together with KR-3700.
X-40-3323 Low concentration version of KR-3704, Easy to work with
X-40-3270-1 Excellent removability after heating
X-40-3306 Very low adhesion, no primer necessary
For thick coating X-40-3326 Thick molding is available (300µm), solventless
(Adhesion modifires)
X-92-128 For improving adhesion
X-92-248 Adhesion improver for low adhesion silicone
X-41-3003 For improving adhesion to silicone rubber
Primers KR-3006A For addition-cure PSA, for peroxide-cure PSA
X-40-3501 For addition-cure PSA, specially designed for inline coating
Release agents X-70-201S Release agent for silicone PSA, easy-release type
Adhesive KR-105 Adhesive for silicone rubber
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