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Modified Silicone Fluids

Modified silicone fluids are silicone fluids with additional functionality beyond the already fine properties of common dimethyl silicone fluid. This is achieved through the introduction of various organic groups. Depending on the organic group, silicone fluids can be given properties of water-solubility, compatibility or reactivity with various organic materials, paintability, and greater lubricity.


Features of dimethyl silicone fluid

  • Water repellency
  • Thermal oxidation stability
  • Chemical stability
  • Defoaming properties

Features gained through introduction of organic groups

  • Paintability
  • Solubility and dispersibility in water
  • Compatibility or reactivity with organic materials
  • Antistatic properties
  • Flexibility
  • Lubricity


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The Unique Properties of Silicones
The Difference between "Straight" and "Modified" Silicone Fluids

As shown below, the structures of modified silicone fluids are categorized into four major types, according to the position of the organic groups.

Side-chain type

An organic groups are introduced into some of the side chains of the polysiloxane.

Side-chain type

Dual-end type

An organic group has been introduced into both ends of the polysiloxane.

Dual-end type

Single-end type

An organic group has been introduced into one end of the polysiloxane.

Single-end type

Side-chain dual-end type

An organic group has been introduced into the side chains and both ends of the polysiloxane.

Side-chain dual-end type
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