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Silicone oligomers

Silicone oligomers are resins of relatively low molecular weights whose molecules have a three-dimensional network structure. Owing to this structure, silicone oligomers can be used as resins on their own, as organic resin modifiers. They are used in a variety of applications and fields, and the diversity of products available has made them the focus of growing attention in recent years.

Properties when used as organic resin modifiers

Compatibility with organic resins

Owing to the low molecular weight, they have excellent compatibility.

Low volatile content

Even in high temperature conditions, there is little evaporation and the active ingredients function as designed.

Large number of reaction sites

More effective than monomers, as there are more sites for reaction with the intended material.

Properties when used as resins

Room-temperature cure

When used with a curing agent, silicone oligomers cure at room temperature by reacting with moisture in the air.

High hardness

Their relatively low molecular weights mean they will form very hard coatings.

Water repellency

Silicone oligomers especially those having methyl groups, form films with excellent water repellency.

Typical Products

Applications Grade Features
Coatings, resin modification KC-89S Low DP (degree of polymerization)
KR-500 Medium DP
X-40-9225 High DP
Resin modification KR-510 Forms high hardness coatings
Coatings KR-400 Forms high hardness coatings
KR-401 Excellent flexural and impact resistance
Coupling agents KR-516 Epoxy equivalent 280 g/mol
X-40-9296 Metacryl equivalent 230 g/mol
KR-513 Acrylic equivalent 210 g/mol
KR-519 Mercapto equivalent 450 g/mol
Molding KR-470 Low cure shrinkage, Epoxy equivalent 200 g/mol
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