Resins & Oligomers, Silanes Selection Guide
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For rubber & plastic

Product category Application examples
Silicone fluids
Modified silicone fluids
Release agents for molding of rubbers, plastics & metals; gloss enhancers and lubricants; rubber and plastic modifiers, etc.
Silicone greases
Silicone oil compounds
Lubrication of plastic & rubber parts, etc.
Silicone defoaming agents Foam control in rubber & plastic manufacturing processes.
Silicone release agents Release agents for casting, tire & hose molding; release agents for molding of rubbers, plastics & metals; gloss enhancement and lubrication.
Silicone varnishes
(Silicone resins)
Rubber & plastic modifiers, plastic surface modification, etc.
Silane coupling agents
Rubber & plastic modifiers, etc.
Liquid silicone rubbers Adhesives and seals for rubber & plastic parts; moldmaking, etc.
Silicone rubber compounds Rolls for manufacturing equipment (embossing rolls, laminating rolls, etc.)
Silicone powders Rubber & plastic modifiers, etc.
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