Resins & Oligomers, Silanes Selection Guide
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Shin-Etsu & SDGs

For machinery

Product category Application examples
Silicone fluids Damper oils, cutting oils, lubricants, diffusion pump oils, etc.
Silicone greases
Silicone oil compounds
Lubrication of bearings and other parts; moisture-proofing, rust-proofing, etc.
Silicone release agents Release agents for die casting & shell molds.
Silicone varnishes
(Silicone resins)
Vehicles for heat-, weather- & corrosion-resistant paints, etc.
Liquid silicone rubbers Adhesives & seals for various parts; adhesives & seals for equipment housings; maintenance products.
Silicone rubber compounds Printing pads, packing, hoses, tubing, rolls, etc.
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