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Shin-Etsu Silicone - supporting development of products that appeal to the user's senses and sensibility.

Innovating Sensory Solutions. Shin-Etsu's silicones for personal care are an essential component when developing products designed to appeal to the sensibility and senses of the end user. To aid in this, we developed something we call S.F.D.: Shin-Etsu Formulation Design. It starts with a core group of basic formulations that feature Shin-Etsu's unique silicone-based emulsifiers and gelling agents. By combining these with film forming agents, powders, dispersants and other components which have special features not found in conventional materials, the user can develop products that meet specific needs in terms of functionality and quality.

Unique technologies to meet sophisticated needs.

Shin-Etsu Silicone works on development of advanced materials at the Silicone Electronic Materials Research Center, and on new formulations at the Cosmetic Application Lab. At both facilities, Shin-Etsu pursues R&D to serve the diverse requirements of manufacturers in Japan and abroad. With market needs growing increasingly sophisticated and specific, Shin-Etsu will continue to deliver unique solutions through our efforts in product development.

Silicone-Electronics Materials Research Center (Annaka City, Gunma Prefecture)
Silicone-Electronics Materials Research Center
(Annaka City, Gunma Prefecture)
Silicone product showroom
Silicone product showroom

About Shin-Etsu Formulation Design

Shin-Etsu Formulation Design is a development solution for cosmetic preparations proposed by Shin-Etsu Silicone.

Shin-Etsu Formulation Design

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Products group

New Products

Silicone / Alkyl Surface Treated Pigments
KTP-09R, KTP-09Y, KTP-09B, KTP-09W

Shin-Etsu Silicone introduces a new series of silicone/alkyl surface treated pigments that feature high hydrophobicity and dispersing performance in a wide range of oils. They improve the quality of color cosmetics from liquid foundation to lip color and more.

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