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Project Support Service (PSS)

We provide technical service support through the project from drawing and print reviews at the beginning of your project to sealant application training and final inspection. Project quality can be easily managed by using our Project Support Service (PSS).

Shin-Etsu Silicone is able to offer a selection of both sealants and primers tailored to fulfill the requirements of architectural façade applications including structural and insulated glazing.

General use

Typical Products


Category Applications Grade Features Technical Data
One-component SSG SEALANT-90N High modulus
Weatherseal SEALANT-72N Medium modulus
SEALANT-456 Medium modulus
SEALANT-456LS Medium modulus
Reduced staining
SEALANT-457 High modulus
SEALANT-556LS Medium modulus
Reduced staining
Two-component SSG SEALANT-FC-295SG High modulus
Fast cure
Insulated glass seal SEALANT-FC-312 High modulus
Fast cure


Applications Grade Features Technical Data
Metals (aluminum, copper, steel, and stainless steel), ceramics, glass and coated aluminum PRIMER-AQ-P Drying time: over 10 min
PRIMER-AQ-1 Drying time: over 30 min
Various plastics and coated metals X-33-253 Drying time: over 30 min
Mortar, concrete, natural stone, marble and granite PRIMER-MT Drying time: over 60 min



Duration: 2:28

001 Application Guidance
Duration: 5:30

002 Appling Primer
Duration: 3:32

003 Sealing Procedure
Duration: 4:31

004 Quality Control
Duration: 3:29

005 Take Note Sealant Application Procedures
Duration: 2:06

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