Resins & Oligomers, Silanes Selection Guide
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Product category Application examples
Silicone fluids
Modified silicone fluids
Foam control in oil-well drilling & refining processes; heating media; powder processing; resin modifiers; emulsifiers, etc.
Silicone greases
Silicone oil compounds
Lubrication, electrical insulation & sealing of manufacturing equipment.
Silicone defoaming agents Foam control in various manufacturing processes.
Silicone varnishes
(Silicone resins)
Vehicle for heat- & weather-resistant paints.
Silane coupling agents
Resin modifiers; silylating agents for use in synthesis of pharmaceuticals & agrichemicals; polymerization catalysts, etc.
Liquid silicone rubbers Adhesives, seals, coatings & maintenance products for manufacturing equipment.
Silicone rubber compounds Packing, hoses, tubing, etc.
Silicone powders Modifiers for plastics, paints, inks, coatings, etc.
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