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Silicone powders

Silicone powder exhibits excellent silicone features, which including lubricity, impact resistance, diffusibility of the light, heat resistance and weather resistance. It provides high performances to a wide variety of products such as synthetic resins, rubbers, paints, inks and coating materials by adding to them.


Hybrid Silicone Powder

Silicone Rubber Powder

Silicone Resin Powder

Typical Products

Type Grade Applications Features
Hybrid Silicone Powder KMP-600
  • Rubbers:
    improvement of lubricity, abrasion resistance and heat and cold resistance
  • Resins:
    improvement of diffusibility of the light, impact resistance, lubricity and abrasion resistance
  • Paints, Inks and Coating materials:
    improvement of lubricity, dye dispersion and delustering ability
They are silicone rubber spherical powders coated with silicone resin. By the features of rubbers and resin, they improve both impact resistance and dispersibility.
Silicone Rubber Powder KMP-402
  • Synthetic resins:
    improvement of impact resistance
  • Rubbers:
    improvement of lubricity, abrasion resistance, mold release and heat and cold resistance
These products, which exhibit impact and weather resistance, are fine powders having the structural of crosslinked linear dimethylpolysiloxane.
Silicone Rubber Powder (Emulsion Type) X-52-1133
Products emulsified with silicone rubber powders
Silicone Resin Powder KMP-590
  • Plastic films and plastic sheet:
    to protect from blocking
  • Paints, inks and coating materials:
    improvement of dye dispersion and lubricity
  • Wax:
    improvement of spreadability, lubricity and delustering ability
  • Synthetic resin:
    improvement of diffusibility of the light, lubricity and abrasion resistance
  • Rubber:
    improvement of lubricity and abrasion resistance
These products, which exhibit heat resistance and dispersibility, are spherical powders having the three dimensional reticular structure of the formula (CH3SiO3/2)n.
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