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Two-component liquid rubbersfor electric and electronic applications

Two-component liquid silicone rubber compounds cure by adding a specified amount of a curing agent to the base compound. Like one-component liquid silicone rubbers, two-component liquid silicone rubbers have outstanding electrical properties and resistance to heat and cold, while also offering improved deep-section curability and storage stability.


Properties identical to those of one-component liquid silicone rubbers

Electrical properties, heat and cold resistance, impact resistance, weatherability, curing characteristics, etc.

Deep-section curability

The curing reaction proceeds uniformly at the surface and internally, regardless of rubber thickness.

Adjustability of cure speed

Cure time can be adjusted by changing the type or quantity of curing agent, or by heating.


The base compound and curing agent are stored separately, so the product will not become unusable due to curing during storage. Two-component liquid silicone rubbers can be stored for long periods.

Typical Products

Applications Intended use Grade Curing method (by product gas) Features
General electrical applications Sealing KE-1800T-A/B Addition Translucent adhesive, high strength
Potting KE-66 Condensation (alcohol) Self-adhesive
KE-1031-A/B Addition Transparent, adhesive
KE-200 Condensation (acetone) Reduced low-molecular-weight siloxane, fast cure
KE-118 Condensation (alcohol) Self-adhesive
KE-103 Addition Transparent, room-temperature curing
KE-108 Condensation (alcohol) Transparent, room-temperature curing
KE-119 Condensation (alcohol) High hardness
KE-109E-A/B Addition Transparent, adhesive
KE-1051J-A/B Addition Transparent gel
KE-1012-A/B Addition Transparent gel
KE-106F Addition Transparent, high strength
KE-1282-A/B Addition Low stress, low volatile content
KE-1283-A/B Addition For LED displays
Flame-resistance Sealing KE1800A/B/C Addition (3-component) UL certified product, adhesive, high strength
KE-1801-A/B/C Addition (3-component) Adhesive, high strength
KE1802A/B/C Addition (3-component) UL certified product, adhesive, high strength
Potting KE-1292-A/B Addition Adhesive, low hardness, multipurpose product
KE1204A/B Addition Reduced low-molecularweight siloxane
KE1204AL/BL Addition Reduced low-molecularweight siloxane
KE-1280-A/B Addition UL certified product, low specific gravity
Foaming Potting KE-513-A/B Condensation (hydrogen) Triple-volume foaming
KE-521-A/B Addition (hydrogen) Triple-volume foaming
Thermal conduction Potting KE-1285-A/B Addition UL certified product, heatdissipating, low viscosity
KE-1861-A/B Addition UL certified product, Adhesive, heat-dissipating

For LEDs

Intended use Curing method Grade Features
LED encapsulants Two-component,
ASP-2010-A/B High hardness, crack resistant
KER-6110-A/B For compression molding
ASP-1050P-A/B Crack resistant
ASP-1120-A/B High refractive index, low stress, rubber type
SCR-1012A/B-R Low gas permeability
SCR-1016A/B Low gas permeability
SCR-1018A(S2)/B Low gas permeability, thixotropic
FER-7061-A/B Low refractive index
FER-7110-A/B Low refractive index
KER-2500-A/B High heat resistant
KER-2500N-A/B For compression molding
KER-2600-A/B Mid hardness, for lighting
KER-2910-A/B Ultra heat resistant, for lighting
KER-6000-A/B Low hardness, high refractive index
KER-6150-A/B Mid refractive index
KER-6200-A/B High refractive index, gel
KER-6075-F Thixotropic
KER-6020-F For gold wire protection, thixotropic
KER-6230-F For photocoupler, thixotropic
KER-3000-M2 Transparent
KER-3200-T7 Thermal interface material
X-32-2551 Transparent
SMP-2840 Electrically conductive
Damming materials One-component,
KER-2000-DAM Dams for high density mounting
KER-2020-DAM Dams for high density mounting,
highly thixotropic
Reflector materials One-component,
KCR-H2800 Heat resistant
KCR-4000W Low viscosity, Standard product
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