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Shin-Etsu Silicone meets the needs of high-reliability of wind power applications.

Wind power is an unlimited source of natural, clean energy, and wind farms are sprouting up all over the world. Wind turbine systems are used in tough environments, making high reliability a must. Silicones are advanced functional materials that are designed for use in a variety of applications.

Application examples

  • Durability improvement for composite materials
  • High weatherability coatings
  • Adhesion & sealing
  • Heat dissipation for generator components
  • Lubrication of rotating machinery and other parts
  • Adhesion, sealing & coating
  • Electrical insulation, protection & covering of connection cables
  • Transformer oil

Silicone products commonly used in wind power applications

Application examples Product category
Lubrication, damping, electrical insulation Fluids
Greases & fluid compounds
Bonding & sealing One-component liquid rubbers
Sealants (for construction)
Bonding, sealing & potting Two-component liquid rubbers
Thermal interface materials Greases, sheets, adhesives, etc.
Oil- and solvent-resistant materials Oils, greases, adhesives, etc.
For electrical insulation, protection & covering Heat-shrinkable rubber tubing
For resin modification Silane coupling agents, alkoxy oligomers.
Other materials Other materials
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