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Silicone release coatings

Backing materials (paper, film, other) can be coated with a silicone release agent to help the adhesive release easier. These silicones are used primarily as release agents for stickers and labels, for release films, and for release paper for use in manufacturing processes. The user can select the right product for their intended application or purpose from our line of products, which includes solventless, solvent-based, emulsion, heat-cure and UV-cure types.


Typical Products

Category Grade Feature
Solventless addition cure KNS-3051 For tapes and labels, Compatible with film production lines, Excellent adhesion with paper substrates
KNS-320A For tapes and labels
KNS-316 For tapes and labels
KNS-3002 Peeling speed dependence is small
KNS-3300 Tight-release control agent, Can be used alone
X-62-1387 Compatible with films, improves adhesion
Solvent addition cure KS-847 Low viscosity, easy release (standard)
KS-847T High viscosity, easy release (standard)
KS-776L Low viscosity, medium release
KS-776A High viscosity, medium release
KS-841 Low viscosity, medium release
KS-774 Good adhesion to aluminum foil and films
KS-3703T Heavy release version of KS-744 with improved adhesion
KS-3601 Low viscosity, tight release, Peeling speed dependence is small
KS-830E High viscosity, tight release
X-62-2825 Very tight release
X-62-9201-A/B Paintable, release force can be adjusted by varying the A/B blending ratio
Emulsion addition cure KM-3951 For tapes and labels, Compatible with application in film line
KM-768 For tapes and labels
X-52-6015 Compatible with films, improves adhesion
Non-solvent UV-cure KF-2005 Acrylic-modified
X-62-7205 Acrylic-modified
X-62-7028-A/B Mercapto-modified, A: main liquid, B: crosslinker
X-62-7052 Mercapto-modified, One-component type
X-62-7622 Epoxy-modified
X-62-7660 Epoxy-modified
X-62-7655 Epoxy-modified
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