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Paint additives

Silicone paint additives have very low surface tension. This property makes them very effective when added in small amounts to paints. Silicone paint additives are highly effective for surface modification, and for preventing various paint film flaws.



Silicone paint additives function to lower the friction coefficient of the paint film surface, making it slicker.

Forms hammertone finishes

Silicone paint additives are used to create hammertone finishes by the formation of cells due to a convection effect in the paint film.

Prevent floating and flooding

Silicone is dispersed in the interior and surface of the paint film, thus preventing the convection effect during paint drying.

Prevent blocking

Dimethyl silicone fluid contains various functional groups that react with paint resins, thus improving durability and compatibility with paints and providing an antiblocking effect.

Defoaming effect

Silicone paint additives function to break down foam in paints.

Improved resistance to moisture and salt water

The molecules contain functional groups which bond with metals and inorganic matter, and contain functional groups which bond with the paint vehicle. This improves the adhesiveness of the paint film and improves its resistance to salt water.

Typical Products

Applications Grade Features
Reduce friction coefficient KP-301 Good compatibility and recoating properties
KP-306 Product formulated as a measure against platinum catalyst poisoning
KP-109 Good slickness
Form hammertone finishes KP-310 General purpose
Improve leveling KP-323 Good anti-mottling and antiblocking effect
KP-341 Good anti-mottling effect and prevents orange peel, Good recoating properties
KP-104 Especially suitable for water solution paints
KP-110 Especially suitable for water emulsion paints
KP-112 Good anti-motting effect and prevents orange peel, Suitable for solvent-based and UV paints
Prevent blocking of plywood KP-368 Good slickness
KP-369 Product formulated as a measure against platinum catalyst poisoning
Defoaming KP-650 For water-based paints, Good recoating properties
KP-651 For solvent-based paints, Good defoaming properties, Can also be used as a defoamer
Improve adhesion,
moisture resistance, and
salt water resistance
KP-390 Contains amino groups
KP-391 Contains mercapto groups
KP-392 Contains epoxy groups
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