Resins & Oligomers, Silanes Selection Guide
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Shin-Etsu & SDGs

For construction & public works

Product category Application examples
Silicone fluids Water-repellent for ALC & thermal insulation materials, seismic damper oil, etc.
Silane coupling agents
To prevent water absorption by concrete, mortar, etc.
Silicone varnishes
(Silicone resins)
Vehicle for weather-resistant coatings; water-repellent for concrete & construction materials.
Silicone sealants
(Sealing agents)
Joint sealant for glass, window sashes & metals; joint sealant for kitchens, bathtubs and lavatories; glass curtain wall joint seals; clean room joint seals; fire compartmentation joint seals; seals for concrete joints and other public works projects; large water tank seals; plumbing penetration seals, etc.
Functional sealants Structural glazing sealants, insulated glass sealants.
Silicone coating agents For roofs, walls, etc: waterproofing, rustproofing, protection against corrosion & salt damage; preventing bill-posting, etc.
Silicone rubber compounds Flame resistant, airtight & waterproof gaskets, etc.
Silicone adhesive sheets For outdoor tanks, etc.
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