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Using silicone for higher quality herbaria.

A herbarium is a decorative item made by putting dried plants and flowers in a glass bottle and filling it with oil, so that their beauty can be enjoyed for long periods. The term "herbarium" originally referred to a collection of preserved plant specimens.

Using silicone as the oil, you can create higher quality herbaria. Silicone has excellent transparency, so the plants look lush. It won't get cloudy as a result of temperature changes. It is also safe and gentle to the environment. (Published Apr. 2018)

Silicone - one reason the shinkansen (bullet train) is as safe as it is.

The cars of the shinkansen are built with high-voltage transformers on board. These transformers are filled with silicone fluid, which acts as a coolant and insulator.
Silicone fluid has excellent dielectric properties, heat resistance, cold resistance and fire resistance. It is also highly safe and chemically stable. Silicone fluid is one reason why the shinkansen is such a safe form of transportation. We can expect to see silicone fluid used more and more as a transformer oil in the construction of high-rise buildings and ships. (Published Jul. 2013)

With its powerful defoaming action, silicone can be an important tool in fire-fighting exercises.

Say the word “bubbles”, and detergent is one of the first things most people think of. But not all bubbles are so useful. In industrial applications, bubbles and foam can cause real problems, reducing process efficiency and negatively affecting product quality. That's where silicone defoaming agents come in.
For example, fire-fighting exercises often involve the use of fire-fighting foam, and lots of it. But once the exercise is over, a silicone defoaming agent can be used to break up this foam quickly, making cleanup efforts easier. (Published Oct. 2013)

Damage care hairbrush, with a “silicone stick”.

Fashions change, but your hair should always look its best. And for daily grooming, few things are more essential than a hairbrush.
Coloring and other things we do to look good can actually be tough on hair, causing damage, making it feel dry and rough. The “silicone stick” in the center of the brush is made with silicone fluid that enhances shine and coats split ends. Try brushing your way back to silky, shiny hair. (Published Jul. 2012)

Silicone-treated stones can be helpful for weed control.

Dealing with weeds has traditionally meant using chemicals or removal by hand. Now another method is attracting attention-one using stones treated with silicone to make them water repellent and non-water-retentive.
The treated stones can be spread over the planting areas along roads, in parks, or on the grounds of factories and public facilities, where they help prevent weeds from sprouting up and keep the areas looking beautiful.
Silicone products are highly safe and eco-friendly. They play important roles in countless industries as well as in day to day life. (Published Nov. 2011)

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