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Silicone helps prevent degradation of our cultural properties and keeps them looking their best.
Kumano magaibutsu in Bungotakada (city), Oita Prefecture.

Kumano magaibutsu
in Bungotakada (city), Ōita Prefecture.

Kumano magaibutsu is a grouping of relief sculptures that date to the late Heian period and are located in Bungotakada, Ōita Prefecture. Kumano magaibutsu has been designated an Important Cultural Property and Historic Site by the Japanese government. Due to their mountainside location, the sculptures would frequently become overgrown with mosses and lichens, which greatly took away from their appearance. Then, as part of preservation and restoration work done in 2009, the surface of the Kumano magaibutsu was cleaned and treated with a silane-based water repellent agent with anti-algae properties. That product was Shin-Etsu Bio Water Guard M.

Bio Water Guard M provides long-lasting protection against growth of algae and moss, has good water repellency, and prevents absorption of moisture. Bio Water Guard M thus helps prevent degradation of the Kumano magaibutsu and keeps it looking its best. (Published Apr. 2015)

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