Silicone that contributes to sustainability

Silicone is used in environmentally conscious products such as fuel-efficient tires, solar cells, and electric vehicles, contributing to the realization of a sustainable society.
Here are some typical applications of silicone that contribute to the SDGs.

Application Example Overview Related SDGs
By using silicone as a modifier for tires, the rolling resistance of tires can be reduced, which helps to improve fuel efficiency.
Solar cells Silicone is used as a modifier for resins used in solar cell encapsulants and as an adhesive and sealing material for components, which helps improve reliability.
Wind power
Silicone is used in wings and towers of wind turbine generators, generators and their peripheral parts, and helps improve reliability.
LED lighting Silicone is used to protect LED elements and to prevent heat, which helps improve the reliability of LED lighting.
Hybrid and
electric vehicles
The silicone heat dissipation material is used for heat countermeasures for lithium-ion batteries and various electronic control devices and helps prevent malfunctions and failures caused by heat.
Insulating Glass Silicone is used as a sealant for double glazing used to insulate residential windows. It is also used as a sealing material for building construction methods that enhance environmental performance.
Bottom paint using silicone is useful for improving fuel efficiency in order to prevent marine organisms from adhering to the vessel. (If marine organisms adhere to the bottom of a vessel, the resistance of the vessel increases, resulting in poor fuel consumption.) Silicone is also highly safe and contributes to the preservation of the marine environment.
Pesticides The use of silicone as a spreading agent for pesticides makes them easier to spread than ever.As a result, the amount of pesticide sprayed can be reduced.
resin windows
Silicone-coated resin windows prevent scratches on the resin surface.Plastic windows contribute to lighter vehicles and improve fuel efficiency.

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