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Silicone/Alkyl surface treated pigments

KTP series

The KTP series are silicone/alkyl surface treated pigments that feature high hydrophobicity and dispersing performance in a wide range of oils.


  • Optimal processing condition produces high hydrophobicity. Inhibits pigment aggregation and colored streaks in emulsified systems.
  • Silicone and alkyl chains on the pigment surface provide high compatibility with a wide range of oils and facilitate easy dispersal.
  • Features both silkiness from the silicone and adherence from the alkyl chain.


  • Color cosmetics from liquid foundation to lip color and more.

Molecular Model of Surface Treatment Agent

Molecular Model of Surface Treatment Agent

Product Lineup

Product name Conntent Color


Silicone/alkyl treated red iron oxide Red


Silicone/alkyl treated yellow iron oxide Yellow


Silicone/alkyl treated black iron oxide Black


Silicone/alkyl treated titanium dioxide White
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