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Liquid silicone rubber for silicone leather

CP series

The CP series can be molded with artificial leathers with silicone properties.
This product offers new feels and characteristics that are not found in conventional artificial leathers.

Silicone artificial leather sheets
Silicone artificial leather sheets



Molded Example

After applying the top-coat layer to the release paper, apply the adhesive coat layer and laminate the base fabric.

Molded Sample Cross Section

Molded sample cross section

General Properties

Parameter Product name Top-coat layer Fixed coat layer
CP-001 A/B CP-002 A/B CP-005 A/B CP-006 A/B


Transparent liquid Transparent liquid Black liquid White liquid


A:34/B:30 A:260/B:413 A:189/B:349 A:194/B:365

150°C (MDR)

T10 8 224 156 174
T90 45 278 220 228

After curing  Condition: 150°C × 5 min

Hardness  Shore A

83.1 51 51 51

Tensile strength

6.8 9.0 7.8 8.4

Elongation at break

60 530 430 510

Tear strength

15.5*1 34*2 36*2 36*2
(Not specified values)

*1: Angle type *2: Crescent type

Reference: durability of silicone leather

5,000 abrasion tests with sandpaper do not damage the surface of the article.
As a result of the dyeing fastness of molded articles test, we have obtained a grade 4 or higher rating.

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